How to set a server icon and description

Do you want to set a custom icon and description on the server list for your Unturned server? This article will explain how to specify it.

This process will require your server to be restarted. If you do not know how to do this, please see this article here.

1. Login to the Modern Hosting Game Panel, choose the server you want to manage, and head to "File Manager" on the left sidebar.

2. Open your server’s configuration file for Unturned, located at:


3. In the first part of the file, you will see the following text:

  "Browser": {
    "Icon": "",
    "Thumbnail": "",
    "Desc_Hint": "",
    "Desc_Full": "",
    "Desc_Server_List": "",
    "Login_Token": ""

In between the “Icon” quotes, a link to a 500x500 image of your icon in .png/.jpg format hosted on an image sharing website such as Imgur should be inserted.

In between the “Desc_Hint” quotes, a small message under your server name can be inserted. Colours can be used with standard HTML code, formatted like the example below:


In between the “Desc_Full” quotes, the full server description under the map info box can be inserted.

4. Click “Save Content” to save your changes.

5. "Start" your server using the main button on the console page. Your server will now have the specified icon and text appear in the Unturned server browser.

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