How to create a MySQL database

Do you need a database for one of your installed plugins to work properly? This article will explain how to setup and use a MySQL based database.

If you are not giving a plugin access to a database, you will need a client program in order to connect to a MySQL database. While there are various programs available, Modern Hosting recommends you use HeidiSQL, but any other MySQL client will work.

  1. Login to the Modern Hosting Game Panel and select the server you want to create a database for.

  2. On the left side bar, click on "Databases" (1 in the Image below).

  3. On the right widget titled "New Database". (2 in the Image below)

4. Enter a database name and an IP address that is allowed to connect in MySQL notation. If you want to allow all connections, just leave this box with the default value of %.

5. If the provided information is correct, click on "Create Database" to finish the process. You can then view the database on the "Databases" page.

6. You can now select the Eye icon to view the "Database", "Username", "Password" and "MySQL Host/Endpoint" details which can now be used to connect with an appropriate client program, or given to a plugin to access. If at any time you wish to reset your database password, or delete it, click on the "Rotate Password" or trash can icons. You can also copy any information required by clicking on the box in which you want to copy.

Resetting your password for a database will make the old password invalid. All connections will need to be updated to use the new password.

Only delete a database if it is no longer in use. After deleting a database, all data will NOT be able to be recovered by a customer. If you need to recover data, you will need to contact us.

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