How to setup a scheduled task

Do you need a specific action to occur on your server at a set interval, such as a server restart or automatic message? This article will explain how to setup a scheduled task.

This article will use an example of a daily restart as a scheduled task, but it applies for any kind of task you wish to occur.

1. Login to the Modern Hosting Game Panel, and select the server you want to create a task for.

2. Click on โ€œSchedulesโ€, which can be found in the left sidebar on the left side of the panel.

3. Click on "Create Schedule" to begin creating a new task.

4. In the window that appears, specify a "Schedule Name" based on what the task will do, such as "Restart Warning" in our example, followed by the "Minute" and "Hour" it should occur in EST, followed by the "Day of Month" and "Day of Week" the event will occur. Click on "Create Schedule" to save your new task.

For daily actions, type * into the โ€œDay of Weekโ€ & โ€œDay of Monthโ€ boxes.

5. After saving your new task, it should appear on the "Schedules" list. Click on it to begin specifying what task(s) you want to run.

6. Use the drop down lists to create as many tasks as you need. These tasks can accomplish multiple things, such as sending console commands, creating backups, and in our case, restarting a server.

7. Click "Create Task" to save all your changes. The task(s) will now run at the given interval on that particular server. An example of a typical server restart is provided below:

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