How to send a request for additional ports

Are you in need of additional ports on your server for specific games or plugins? This article will explain how to make a request for this.

In order for your server to function properly, we assign a single port that is required for the game to run. In some cases, games such as Unturned will be assigned multiple ports. These ports will be within the range of the "Default Connection" port listed on the Modern Hosting Game Panel (+1, +2, +3, and so on).

Your current server port can be found by logging in to the Modern Hosting Game Panel, choosing a server to manage, and under "Server Information", the "IP" and it's port is listed.

In case you need extra ports for any reason, please contact us directly so that we can provide as many ports as needed. Once a support agent completes your request, you will need to restart your server on the Modern Hosting Game Panel in order for the changes to take effect. Once this is done, your new ports will be available for the server to use.

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