How to cancel your service

If you no longer require your service, this article will describe how you can cancel a product or service from Modern Hosting.

Here is how to cancel a product or service:

1. Log into your billing account in our Client Area.

2. Once logged in, select the service you would like to cancel under the "Your Active Products/Services" section.

3. On the left sidebar, under "Actions", click "Request Cancellation". Provide a reason for cancellation and select whether you want it to happen immediately or at the end of your current billing period.

4. Click "Request Cancellation" to begin the process.

Selecting "Immediate" as a cancellation type does NOT entitle you to a refund for the rest of your billing period.

Once you submit a cancellation request and it has been accepted by our support team, this action cannot be undone and all relevant data will be lost. If you submitted a request by mistake, please create a ticket in the Client Area with a title of "Urgent - Accidental Server Cancellation" in order to reverse the request as quickly as possible.

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