How to add website links to an Unturned server

Want to promote your community website or other relevant places? This article will explain how to add links to your server’s lobby.

On the game's lobby screen, servers can specify links to any related websites which are relevant to the community. To do this, you must make the appropriate changes in the Config.json file and restart the server.

If you are unfamiliar with how to modify the Config.json file, you can read this article here.

The "Links" field, located around line 10, is an array, so you can have multiple entries, where each one has a rich text "Message" and "Url" field. For example:

{ "Message": "Our Website", "Url": "" },
{ "Message": "<color=#2979ff>Discord Server</color>", "Url": "" }

In the above example, the first message will read as Our Website which will lead to when clicked. The second message will read as Discord Server with a specified colour, and lead to when clicked.

If you are unsure of what the "HEX code" for a particular colour is, you can use this built in picker from Google to help find the exact one.

After saving your changes by clicking "Save Content" and restarting your server, the links will now be visible on the lobby screen to other players.

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