How to create a new permission group

Do you want to specify various permissions for RocketMod? This article will explain how to do so.

1. Login to the Modern Hosting Game Panel, choose the server you want to manage, and head to "File Manager" on the left sidebar.

2. Open your server’s permissions file for Unturned, which is located at:


This file contains the groups, their members and permissions. By default, a fresh install will include two groups, the "default" group, which is assigned to any player, and the "moderator" group.

To create a new group, add it after the last </Group> tag and just before the </Groups> tag.

For example, this is how the group should be formatted:

  <Prefix />
  <Suffix />
    <Permission Cooldown="0">p</Permission>

Double check if you are entering a command name, or a command that is specific to a plugin. You can find permissions for the plugins you want to use by reading their documentation.

4. Click β€œSave Content” to save your changes.

5. "Start" your server using the main button on the console page. Your server will now have the permissions you specified.

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