How to migrate your old server to Modern Hosting

Want to migrate your server files from your old provider to us? This article will explain the process of moving files between hosts.

If you have purchased a new server from Modern Hosting, you may find that you need to move data stored on an old dedicated server to a Modern Hosting one. To begin this process, simply contact us and a support agent can begin to move your files. There are some things to be aware of:

IP Address

If a game server's files are moved, your IP address for connecting will be changed as a result of moving to another machine. Since our dedicated server are assigned "blocks" of IP addresses, we cannot transfer a specific address to a machine. Modern Hosting recommends that you set up a DNS name for your server, as it can be changed to point to a different address if it changes for any reason.

Subuser/File Access

As part of the transfer process, we require that you create a subuser account with file permissions so that we can copy your files to a server. When completed, the old files will stay unchanged when moved, so you will have to arrange for any final cancellation requests and to pay any outstanding bills with your old provider.

Servers with whitelisted content

If your server requires whitelisted content such as plugins based on it's IP address, we can alternatively transfer your server in a different process. Upon receiving subuser access to your previous host, we can copy any content that requires whitelisting and temporarily start the service, after which we will inform you that you can now go to your whitelisted content site such as Imperial Plugins and request whitelisting on the new IP address. Please check frequently for all plugins to be whitelisted. After they are whitelisted, please contact us and we will perform the full server transfer that will take 30 minutes to an hour of total downtime.


Upon submitting subuser access to your previous host, it may take up to 24 hours for the process to start. Upon starting the transfer, total server downtime is estimated to be 30 minutes to an hour.

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