How to upgrade, downgrade or change the location of your service

If your current server does not meet your current demands or you wish to move to a new location, this article will explain how to change to one of our other offerings.

Here is how to change your plan:

1. Log into your billing account in our Client Area and create a support ticket.

2. In the ticket, please provide the plan you would like to have instead or the location you would like to transfer to.

3. Your request will be received, and our agent will begin the upgrade/transfer process. If you are upgrading/downgrading a plan, an invoice will be created and sent to you, which will be the difference in price between the two plans, based on the number of days your current plan has been active for. After completing payment, your server will be automatically upgraded.

Depending on what changes you request, your server data will need to be transferred, and your connection details will change accordingly. This is not an automatic process and is manually initiated by your support agent.

4. Our support agent will let you know when the entire process has been completed.

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