Finding new plugins and commands

This article will showcase places where you can find plugins and commands to use that will enhance your server for your player base, as well as explain how to "build" and compile a plugin.

Please note that downloading plugins from certain sources will require them to be “compiled” and built for Unturned. If you are unsure on how to do this process, please follow the last section, "Compiling a plugin".

While there are several places to get new plugins, Modern Hosting recommends these great resources which are full of items that can improve the experience for everyone:

Some plugins may require additional configuration before they will work properly. Please consult the link provided with each plugin to find the appropriate documentation and installation steps.

Plugin Manager

Our Game Panel has a built-in plugin manager, which contains several of the most popular plugins used in Unturned servers. It can be found in the Plugins tab on the left sidebar, and it is as simple as installing the ones you want and rebooting your server.


ImperialPlugins is a repository with high quality plugins for Unturned, which offers free and paid plugins for your server.


GitHub is another great resource, as most developers will publish open source versions of their plugins, which can be modified by the community. Some GitHub plugins may not work due to being outdated or broken, so make sure to test them and see if they are compatible with the latest version.

Compiling a plugin

Microsoft Visual Studio Community is required to open project files bundled with most plugins. Please ensure that during installation, the ".NET desktop development" is installed in order to properly compile plugins.

Some plugins may require additional configuration before they will work properly. Please consult the appropriate documentation to find installation steps.

1. Download the plugin you want to compile, and extract all files to a folder.

2. Open Visual Studio, and open the .sln (project) file that is located in the extracted folder.

3. Click “Start” in the upper right corner of the window to begin the compiling process. If you see any errors, you may need to add dependencies for the plugin, such as RocketMod. In this case, check the plugin's documentation to see what it requires.

4. Login to the Modern Hosting Game Panel, and click on your server. Browse to "File Manager" on the main page. Please see this article here if you are not familiar with the process.

5. In the "Debug" folder that was created by Visual Studio in the extracted folder, upload the main .dll file to the following directory:


6. If there is a "Libraries" folder, upload any .dll files in there to:


7. "Restart" your server using the button on the main console page. Please see this article here if you are unfamiliar with the process.

Your plugin is now ready to be used on your server.

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