Support guidelines

This article describes our guidelines that our agents follow to help you with a query.

Modern Hosting is dedicated to not only the performance we offer our customers, but our dedicated support available year round during our hours of operation.

Besides offering support via email and live chat, Modern Hosting also has a ticket system built into our Discord server, so that you can get instant help from a knowledgeable agent who knows our company and what we offer. Any inquiries regarding access of your data should be done by creating a ticket inside the Billing Panel.

With all of this said, Modern Hosting does have to limit what kind of assistance we can provide. While we strive to help our customers as much as we can, there are certain limits. There is only so much we can do, and our focus is to provide support in a timely and efficient manner.

Here is a guide on what you can and cannot expect from our support staff:

We can help you with:

  • Billing and game panels

  • Hardware/service related issues

  • Installing .JAR files, plugins, mod-packs, frameworks

  • Upgrading and updating your server

  • Adding and removing ports

  • Databases

  • Schedules

  • Backups

We cannot help with:

  • Configuring plugins

  • Troubleshooting plugin incompatibilities

  • Lag not related to our hardware

Sometimes when we provide support, our agents can assist customers with matters not listed above at their discretion. This does not mean that they must or will do so in every instance. If we answered every single question we received, there would not be enough time to resolve other customerโ€™s issues. We believe this is something that is up to the server owner to deal with; it is part of the process to make your server enjoyable and unique for others.

We hope that this clears up any misconceptions to what our support staff can offer for our customers.

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